Love Your Heart

What do you think is the #1 killer of women?

Cancer? Accidents? No, it is heart disease, causing 1 of 3 deaths in women each year.

Heart disease affects both the heart and the blood vessels.

It can cause a build up in the arteries (plaque). This build up causes the arteries to   narrow, making it harder for blood to flow through them. A blood clot in a vessel can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Heart disease can also make the heart beat too slowly, too fast, or not regularly. It can cause problems with the valves in the heart that control blood flow.

What are ways to prevent or decrease the risk of heart disease?

According to Go Red for Women, these are lifestyle changes you should make:

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· Eat healthy

· Watch your weight

· Don’t smoke

· Know your family history

· Keep your blood pressure under control

· Stay active

· Lower your cholesterol

· Keep your blood sugars controlled.

Use your WIC benefits towards a heart healthy diet. The American Heart Association ( has cooking skills videos, heart healthy recipes, and much more information on heart health. Check out the WIC Shopper app for healthy recipes, too.

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