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National Family Meals Month

September is National Family Meals month. It can be hard to sit down together for family meals, but research has shown that there are many benefits, such as eating healthier foods, feeling more connected as a family, and having less risk of substance abuse. Better communication skills and school performance are two more benefits.  AnyContinue reading “National Family Meals Month”

3 Fall Soups

Even though it is still summer, fall produce is starting to show up at the farmers’ market which is making me think of all my favorite soup recipes. I love making soups in the fall because I can make a big batch and then freeze the extra for an easy dinner later. Soups can beContinue reading “3 Fall Soups”

Protein for Picky Eaters

Do you worry that your picky eater doesn’t get enough protein? There are many ways to have enough in the diet, and it doesn’t mean loading up on chicken nuggets. Meats, eggs, peanut butter and fish are common sources of protein. Other good sources are nuts, dairy, beans, and some vegetables. Infant’s protein needs areContinue reading “Protein for Picky Eaters”


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the immunizations to keep your child and surrounding children healthy.  They protect against a variety of illnesses, and just because some illnesses aren’t common anymore doesn’t mean we should not get vaccinated for them. Many children are behind on shots right now due to COVID-19.  If your child isContinue reading “WHY DOES MY CHILD NEED ALL OF THESE SHOTS AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE?”


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