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A Healthy Smile Starts Early

Healthy teeth are important. Baby teeth hold space for adult teeth. Having healthy teeth helps your child speak clearly and eat. A good smile helps your child’s confidence, too. Tooth decay is a common childhood disease. It can be prevented. Here are some tips. Clean your child’s mouth.  Start cleaning your baby’s gums after everyContinue reading “A Healthy Smile Starts Early”

WIC has Yogurt

Great news! WIC can now offer yogurt to women and children age 1 and older. It is a nice addition to the dairy group. Why is the dairy group important? Dairy foods provide calcium to keep bones strong, plus vitamin D, potassium and protein. Most people don’t get enough dairy, so yogurt is a delicious wayContinue reading “WIC has Yogurt”

Love Your Heart

What do you think is the #1 killer of women? Cancer? Accidents? No, it is heart disease, causing 1 of 3 deaths in women each year. Heart disease affects both the heart and the blood vessels. It can cause a build up in the arteries (plaque). This build up causes the arteries to   narrow, making itContinue reading “Love Your Heart”


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